Storage Unit for Moving

We are experts in moving. We are professionals in all the aspects of moving. We also offer all the services and tools that you may need to move with confidence. One of the pitfalls with moving is when you can not get everything you want with you into your new apartment. The solution to this  is something we have got covered. Not only do we pack for you and move for you, moving cross-country if you need it, we also have storage for your beloved items you can’t take with you.

Size of Storage

Sometimes when you need to get storage you think that the price you pay is only going to offer you a shoebox. Our storage is a great size for the price that we offer. In a cool dry part of Laredo our storage containers are made of the best material. When you need to store your entire office, home, sports equipment, lawn tools construction material, or whatever you need to store not on your property our containers can house them for you. When you need that extra space for all those extra things our containers will surprise you in what they can fit.


When it comes to putting your stuff in storage, storage can seem like a scam. A lot of of storage companies are giving you tiny closets but it is costing you the price of rent. When we do storage we do it right. The size of our storage is very good compared to other companies, and our pricing is very competitive and very fair. When you need to get your storage space for the right amount of money look no further. Mike’s Movers Laredo have the storage space for you.


You hear stories of the worst kind of storage experience someone can have. People open up their storage and their stuff is damaged and or stolen. But not with us. Our storage containers have twenty-four hour security. They are made of the strongest steel and have a lock that is best in the industry.  Our containers are in an enclosed fenced off area so no one can get in unless they have permission. With us your stuff in storage is very securely kept and watched.  We have security that patrols, as well as security cameras and alarm systems. Your home in storage with us is as good as locked up in bank vault.

Mike’s Movers

When you rent our storage our expert movers can assist you in moving your things from your apartment to our storage facilities. Our movers know exactly what our storage spaces hold best. They are also very knowledgeable and well equipped to move furniture, large specialized equipment or whatever it is you need transferred to storage. With the tools that we have moving, our trucks, straps, and the muscle of our intelligent fast movers, your move to our storage space will take no time at all. Getting our movers to help you won’t be something you will regret. Instead it will make everything a hundred times easier. Do you still want to know more about Mike's Movers Laredo?