Happy Men Packing in Laredo

There is an art to putting your house and home into boxes. People that have moved a lot understand this. The other people that understand packing are movers. We deal with well packed homes and not so well packed homes all the time. The main things with packing are keeping like with like and keeping the fragile things protected. Once you have that covered the next step is eyeing things like puzzle pieces so they snug in together like a puzzle. To be honest it takes practice and the right eye for good packing. Movers have all the practice any expert could ask for.

Like With Like

When you are looking at your apartment or house in anticipation for a move it can be overwhelming when you get stuck on the how is everything going to get packed away. However homes already have an organizational method in place for you to follow. Each room in your house will have it’s own set of boxes. Before even starting that best thing is to separate the very fragile delicate things first and mark them clearly. Now you are practically half done. When you need help with packing we have our handy eye for “like with like” plus packing supplies.


One of the biggest risks with packing is making the mistake of putting something delicate in an environment that won’t support it. The object gets broken and is hopefully fixable. If it isn’t fixable then hopefully it is at least not sentimental. When you are pacing away fragile items try to put them with other similarly delicate things in a manner where they won’t be knocked around. For example: crystal wine glasses all in with each other with cardboard separators. If cardboard separators aren’t available then wrap them in newspaper.

Packing Pros

Our movers have been packing up apartments and houses for years now. When it comes to packing up a house we know how to do it best. Our movers can easily pack up a living room before you say where should I put the books? When our movers are on it your entire home can be neatly packed and on a truck really very fast. We have the packing accessories that every move needs. When you need the perfect cardboard boxes, and those great sticky tape rollers we bring those and help you get it all worked out and tidy.

State of the Art Packing

We have our plan so everything gets done really fast. When you’re apartment needs packing we can do it for you in our state of the art super speed packing process. With our eye for shape and weight nothing will stun us  for too long without knowing exactly where to pack it and how it should be packed. With our bubble wrap, newspapers, perfect cardboard boxes, rolls of tape and our furniture moving skills we can empty an apartment in an organized fashion so everything is easy to find and rearrange. When you need packing help you need Mike’s Movers Laredo. Also, packing and storage may go hand in hand. Check it out.