Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving from Laredo

Whether the move is long distance or a local move in Laredo it doesn’t make a huge difference to us. There is a longer time driving but when you hire us you get the same great service you do in Laredo. When we work for you for a move we work quickly with care packing the truck. We then make sure that the truck is secure and then we drive following you to the next location. We drive safely and respect the rules of the road. When we have arrived at the new location the move in is the same as the move out but backwards. We unload your things were you want and then we’re done.

Other places

Whatever city, town, or state you are moving into we have no problem going with you. With our experience our movers have been all over Texas. We know Texas like the back of our hand. However we have also been almost all over the states. When you have built up as much moving experience as we have you gain a lot of road time. We know what we need to get you to where you are going. We have GPS, maps and radio help if needed. However we are pretty sure that where you are going we will have been there at least once before.


Our trucks are great for long distance moving. Our trucks are fully equipped with straps and nets to secure all your belongings. We make sure that when you have your long distance move it is done quickly and smoothly. Our trucks are secure and your belongings will not be jostled. They lock without any way of getting in without the key so nothing can go missing. When you are preparing for a long distance move it will ease your mind and make the move better when you know that your long distance movers are going to help you every step of the way.


We don’t mean to brag but our moving crew is the best. When you are taking a long road trip with all your stuff there is no other group of guys you want with you. Our drivers are experts on moving in and moving out awkward and large furniture pieces. They are also total pros when it comes to packing boxes and packing those boxes into trucks.  We do background checks on all our guys before we hire them. We then train them and teach them all about how we move and our approach to helping out our clients. We know our crew really well and we love the guys. We know you will too. With that said, do you also know about our equipment moving?


Mike’s Movers Laredo has a very certain brand of moving that has grown from the days when it was just Mike and one other mover.  That brand is all about honest hard work, and mastering your skill. Our entire crew, those out in the city in the trucks, and those in the office answering your calls- all of them work for us because they appreciate and want to help grow the kind of moving brand we are offering. When it comes to getting work done well and your long distance move on the road and into that new place we know how to do it.