Local Moving

Local Moving in Laredo

Moving is a time of transitions. It is exciting. It is stressful. It is frustrating. When you have figured out where you are going you have to book a day off and you spend at least 3 days with you home, which is suppose to be your calm relaxed center, either in total chaos, or at the very least even if you are a highly organized person your life will be packed up in boxes. The actual move doesn’t have to be a time of stress though. Hiring Mike’s Movers Laredo will give your move the relief it needs.


Laredo Texas is our home and we are happy you have made it yours too. We are so proud to be from Laredo. We really enjoy moving the great Texans of this city. Whatever neighborhood you are moving to and or from we have likely been in already and did a couple moves if not a couple more. Our experience in Laredo is a long history. That means we know everything that is needed about a move. We know the best place to park, we know which allies to use, we know which streets to take, and we know which staircase to use in most of the buildings.


Moving your home for us is very much a daily routine. We have done it many times before and there isn’t too many situations that we haven’t encountered. When it comes to moving we are totally aware of how to move the things you need out of the space you are leaving with ease and care. We know how to pack things in the truck so the fragile precious belongings that you have invested in are safe. We also know what streets to drive so there isn’t crazy traffic that will cause as hold ups, or worse any collisions.


We have the best moving trucks in all of Texas. We make sure that our trucks are always in good condition and running well. We routinely check them and we routine check their storage space. We have strong locks so no one is going to take anything from the back of the truck at any time. We have safety straps and nets to secure things in the back of the truck so all those fragile items do not move too much and bump into each other. When you need assistance moving, when you need a moving truck you want the best truck in Texas and we have them.


When you are doing a local move in Laredo you are going to want Laredo’s best movers and that will be us. Mike started this business in Laredo and the backbone of what it was built on is based on his great moving personality. Mike cares about your things, Mike cares about your time, and he cares about your new place.  All of the movers here at Mike’s Movers Laredo believe that a moving job isn’t just picking up boxes and putting them elsewhere, but it is about the client’s home, time, and stress level. When we do a move we make sure that our help is doing nothing but making everything better for you. Please know though that you might need long distance moving.