Equipment Moving

Happy Woman Moving Bin and Boxes

Equipment moving could have two meanings.  We understand both. We also operate under both meanings. Our equipment moving skills mean that we can do for you what other companies can’t. When you have fragile large customized equipment we can help you move that wherever you want it to go. We can do this because we have the skill and engineering knowledge of how to rig up the proper ropes, and take off the right windows (if need be) to move large awkward expensive equipment. Our moving trucks can take a lot of weight, and our strong movers can also.

Special Tools

There are many industries that require the delicate delivery of large sized fragile equipment. Often musicians need their instruments handled with care as well as geologists.  Construction tools need to be handled carefully.  Also equipment for laboratories or hospitals need to be specially delivered, carefully handled and moved with a gentle knowing. We have all of that covered. We understand that sometimes these large pieces of equipment are fragile and you need assistance in moving them. We have the strong movers equipped with the right moving accessories to help you out in this situation. When you need your equipment moved hire get Mike’s Movers Laredo.

For Special Equipment Moving

When you need that expensive equipment moved we understand how it needs to happen. Whatever it is, whatever size it may be, or whatever the weight of it is we are the best in Texas for handling your equipment moving. We offer some other extra services to help you feel confident in the move of your equipment.  Things like packing for fragile items so those very sensitive pieces that need to be handled with care, get the treatment they deserve. We also assemble and dissemble pieces of equipment that you need assistance transporting. We also have full service packing for your special equipment needs

The Second Meaning

The other meaning of equipment moving details the equipment that we have for moving. We have the best in the industry moving straps. Thick and strong structured to hold up very high amounts of weight these moving straps help two movers hold onto awkward shapes of furniture and walk out together to put this furniture in the truck. We also always have on our own safety gear. We also always have strength rope for rigging up a sturdy pulley. If something has to go out through the fire escape or a window these ropes are very handy. And there are our beautiful trucks.

Moving Trucks

Our fleet of moving trucks is the best one on the road in Texas. We take our moving business very seriously and we are proud to be part of what we are doing. That is why you can see our trucks are well taken care of. They get routine tune ups, are always clean and spotless so your furniture and belongings stay the same. They have great shock absorption and they drive very smoothly so nothing that is too fragile rattles a lot when on the road.  They also have straps and nets to help secure any loose items again to lessen the change of rattling and bumping. What's more, we can help with furniture moving.