About Us

A Happy Mover from Mike's Movers Laredo

It started with Mike. This company was born with Mike and Mike is a real person and the first of the New Home Movers Laredo setting the precedence and standard that the entire crew follows today.  Mike was the best friend that everyone turned to when they needed to move He was the brother, the cousin, the son, the buddy, that when you asked for some assistance in moving something he always showed up and was a reliable good hand.

He was getting large muscles and already a tall guy he was also using his intelligence to figure out the moving dilemmas that choked up the flow of boxes.  It was clear that mike was perfect for the job.  He then bought some of his own equipment and got a partner. They both got safety training and the other with a bit of an engineering background and Mike’s experience they wrote down some standard procedures of how to move things out of places with tight staircases. Then they got the truck. Well that was the beginning. Now he has hired a whole crew that all follow in his footsteps. Mike runs the place and trains the movers so they always keep up to that Mike standard of safety intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Our movers have your best interest at heart. When they are moving your apartment they are careful with your things, on time, fast courteous and reliable, just like Mike. When you need the best movers in this great state of Texas, you get New Home Movers Laredo. Contact us today!