Moving isn’t the breeze we all wish it was. That’s why we are in this business though, to make it as easy for you as possible.

New Home Movers Laredo all started with Mike being that best friend that was always reliable when it came to moving.  An established business for years New Home Movers' great reputation became the backbone for our moving policy. When you the most reliable movers in Orlando, call New Home Movers Laredo.

About Us

Well New Home Movers Laredo Company is the real deal. This company started with Mike.  He was the buddy, the brother, the cousin that everyone would call when moving cause they knew he would help out. Not only did he begin to get big muscles but he realized he had a talent for it. So he bought some equipment a truck and took some safety courses. That was the beginning. He got a partner and then he needed more. Now Mike runs the place with a whole team of movers that he personally trains.


Our Services

​Moving is our expertise. We are professionals and we have the right tools and we do all the right jobs. Whatever moving help you are looking for we can help you with it. We are long distance movers, house movers, and house removals plus cross country movers. We also have relocation services, packing, and storing.

Local Moving in Laredo

Local Moving

Moving from one end of Laredo TX to the other, you probably will need some handsome muscle movers from Laredo. Our moving trucks are the best in the state and are movers are trained, professional, fast, and reliable. With our experience and the moving tools that we use your move will go so smoothly and be done in no time. No matter what you are moving, your couch, desk, piano or all of it we can do that for you in no time.

Long Distance Moving and Men

Long Distance Moving

When you are moving across state or across the country the further distance can seem like an extra obstacle. With us as your movers there is no problem. When you are moving across Texas we are also very capable and available to help you. The difference for us, from across town to across state isn’t that big of a difference. We can move you and your things in no time.

Happy Man Moving Fragile Equipment

Equipment Moving

Fully equipped to move those more awkward precious things we can help you move your expensive equipment from your home to work or from one location to another. We also are completely fully stocked with moving equipment to help you with your move. We make sure to have the best in the industry so the quality of our gear will never let you down during a move.

“When we were moving we were so stressed out we weren’t sure what to do. We were actually going to try and do it on our own. But a friend suggested New Home Movers Company and we were so pleased with the movers, they were very careful, quick and not expensive. We had heard some awful stories of movers being really horrible. We are very thankful that the experience went so smoothly and the movers were so polite.” Keegan R.

Men Moving Home Furniture Carefully

“I was moving long distance and was going to pack it all into my little car. Then I realized my new place wouldn’t even fit everything I loved. When I needed a mover I googled movers in Laredo Texas. My friend also suggested one. So it turned out New Home Movers Laredo was the answer. Not only did they have amazing prices for moving long distance but they also were really helpful. They also had storage facilities. The way these guys helped me made me trust that my stuff in storage would be perfectly safe.” Lori N.

Storage Unit for Moving

“We were moving furniture from just across the hall. We got a new place but it was in the same building. The thing is we had a really awkward couch we had assembled inside our old place and had no idea how to get it out the door. We couldn’t find any kind of manual either. It was still a great couch and we wanted it in our new place. It was in perfectly good condition and was very comfortable. So we needed furniture movers. We got New Home Movers Laredo. They were amazing. Total pros. They came in looked at the couch knew exactly what to do. It didn’t cost too much either.” Kramer R.

Happy Woman Moving Bin and Boxes

Furniture Moving

We know how to mover whatever you got. We have also seen it all. Metal tables fused together in the kitchen impossible to get out of there, until we show up of course. We know all the tricks of the trade. Sometimes you have to move a couch by the fire escape or with ropes out the window. We have the solutions though. Furthermore our solutions are not going to bang up any walls or other furniture. And whichever piece you are moving will be moved out easily.

Men Moving Furniture


When you are a moving professional whether is packing up boxes into a truck, or packing a house into boxes it all becomes a sort of puzzle. We know how to pack things so nothing gets damaged and everything stays organized. We know how fragile things can be and we understand that sometimes the least valuable item is the most because of sentimental reasons. We take all of that into consideration. So when you need packing assistance just call us.

Happy Men Packing Boxes


Sometimes when you are downsizing into a smaller place of living you cant take all the belongings that you love with you. That is when you need a storage unit. Not only can we help you move but we also have storage for those things that just can’t go with you yet. When you need storage call Mike’s Movers Laredo for excellent services.

A Box in Storage

Contact Us Today

When you need a quote for a move, when you need to know what services we offer or how handsome our movers are, please feel free to phone us anytime. When you phone us we can help you with whatever moving questions you may have. When you decide that you are moving and you want to book us we’ll go over our trucks, the trip and hours and five you an estimate of cost.